Together Making a Difference (Charitable Trust) was founded in March 2015 by Helen Wilson and is a Jersey Registered Charity.

For many years Helen participated in the States of Jersey Overseas Aid Community Projects during which time the needs of people in developing countries (Bangladesh and Africa) came to be of great personal concern, more must be done.

So, following another successful experience in Bangladesh (2015) Helen decided to use the experiences, skills and knowledge gained during her career (over 30 years) in teaching and senior management (Primary, Secondary and Special Education) along with her experience as part of the Jersey Overseas Aid Community Projects in Bangladesh and Ghana to set up Together Making a Difference – to do just that!

Since setting up Together Making a Difference we have had the privilege of meeting communities living in the slum areas of Dhaka (Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh), health professionals working tirelessly on board the Jibon Tori medical ship (IMPACT Bangladesh), professionals working in Kurigram for CARE Bangladesh, NGO’s in Kurigram, as well as children and adults desperate to gain quality and continuing education in the rural communities of Kurigram.

Kurigram is located in north east Bangladesh. The district is approximately the size of Dorset which has a population of 765,700 compared to Bangladesh whose total population stands at 165 million (2017). The labour force is in Kurigram is predominantly agricultural and fishing and suffers from high levels of under employment. Literacy levels in this area are very low, below 23%

While the standard of living is rising in Bangladesh for many people in the country; the rural areas still suffer from high levels of poverty, with very basic living conditions and the lack of basic education and health provision, this is compounded by annual monsoons and flooding on a near annual basis. So continued and targeted support is still very much needed and greatly appreciated by local communities.

The aim of Together Making A Difference is to help develop the education and health care provision of vulnerable children around the world encouraging and supporting NGO’s and their communities to take the next step in providing the best education and health care that can be provided whilst developing long lasting cultural friendships.

How you can help?
To find out more, to volunteer, or to make a donation, please visit our contact or donate pages.

We aim to support small Third World communities to develop the provision of education and health initiatives.


(i)        with the advancement of effective primary education;

(ii)       to provide access to adult literacy, numeracy and parenting programmes;

(iii)      with the advancement of environmental education and environmental sustainability;

Health and self sufficiency:

(iv)      with the provision of basic health and medical care;

(v)       with the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation;

(vi)      to access food programmes for malnourished children (in the local community);

(vii)     with self sufficiency projects and food security so developing sustainable livelihoods.